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Our Students

Nothing matters more to the success of Father McGivney Catholic High School than the students. While providing an all-American high school experience, McGivney is not your typical high school.

Each day, students meet with their “House” – a cross-section of students from different classes with different interests. If you’re an underclassman, you automatically have friends/mentors from the older classes to guide you through your studies, struggles, and successes. The Houses enjoy friendly competition with each other for achievements in service, leadership, and academics.

Exceptional academics are a priority at Father McGivney Catholic High School. Even in its first year, McGivney offers Honors and College Preparatory classes in all disciplines.  Many students will be on track to qualify for Advanced Placement (AP) courses as seniors, and optional for-credit courses will even be offered after school for students with special interest in the arts. McGivney’s demanding curriculum, highly-qualified faculty and progressive technology are a great combination for students who really want to be ready for college and for LIFE!

With technology playing a big part in the McGivney learning experience, each student carries a laptop (included in tuition) with e-textbooks loaded for each semester of classes. Every classroom is equipped with a large flat-screen tv/monitor tied into the teacher’s and/or student’s laptop for presentation purposes. A brand new modern science lab is fully equipped for high school standards and will be a perfect complement to the outstanding biology and chemistry e-textbooks. In addition to the classrooms, a Student Lounge is available for independent study, hanging out before or after school or lunch, and group projects. Whether you prefer socializing or quiet study time, the Student Lounge will accommodate your needs.

Always available to students – for daily morning prayer service before school starts or quiet prayer throughout the day – is a beautiful chapel that McGivney and SJN share. The McGivney motto – Serving the Culture of Life – will be practiced within every discipline of study and activity at McGivney. You can look forward to serving your parish, community, country, and world with the knowledge and spiritual strength that sets you apart as a McGivney student.

Griffin Pride would be nothing without its athletes and fans. You can look forward to sports and activities for all interests at McGivney. As one of the first classes to pave the way on the fields and courts, as well as in the hallways, you will have the opportunity to form the traditions, lead the teams, and set the records in whatever you do. Go Griffins!